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All about spices

Yes, totally! In the Western world we live in a society where baby food especially when weaning, is generally bland. Boiled veg, single veg purees, plain chicken or fish. And we wonder why toddlers throw boiled broccoli on the floor. We as adults wouldn’t enjoy plain boiled veg or meat, so why give that to our toddlers?

We should be feeding our toddlers food that gets their taste buds excited and that’s where spices come in (the right type of spices of course).  

There are two types of spices: aromatic and hot. Aromatic spices include cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, turmeric, ginger, coriander and cumin. Whereas hot spices include chillies, such as cayenne pepper and black pepper.

The key is we’re introducing babies to aromatic spices. Slow and steady, and your little one will learn to love food and experiment with exciting flavours. 

Plus, adding flavour to your babies' meals by using herbs and spices means you’ll be far less likely to be adding salt or sugar instead to add flavour.  

There are absolutely loads! Not only does it mean your baby enjoys tasty food now, but it means your child is likely to grow up enjoying more diverse foods and flavours – and therefore being less picky. Less picky eaters = more happy parents.  

Plus, for centuries it's claimed that spices has incredible health benefits too.  Check out our blog on the health benefits of spices to learn more.

Weaning your baby on to food should be a really exciting and fun experience. Watching your baby taste new flavour and explore what they like and don't like is a brilliant process. 

You can – and should – be starting your baby on aromatic spices from the age of six months, when they first start weaning. We've expertly mixed the spice blends so they are delicate enough for your little baby.

For young babies (6mths+) the easiest way is mixing a dollop of yogurt with a 1/4 tsp of spice mix and marinating the veggies/meat/fish/beans/tofu/paneer (the list is endless).

As they get older (10mths+) you can start to become more adventurous - remove the yogurt to boost the flavour - and add more spice mix. 

It'll be a taste explosion they'll be craving for more and more. 

Generally speaking babies don’t have allergies towards spices, but just to be on the safe side you can always wait 4-5 days between trying out different spices and herbs. As you would with any allergen. 

Our spice blends have no known allergen ingredients, and we mix them in a nut free enironment. However the individual spices themselves may have been sourced from a factory that handles nuts, mustard seeds, or sulphur dioxide in a separate area. If you have any concerns about this please contact us before purchasing.

Shipping & Returns

We are pretty sure your little one will love the new flavours in their meals. But, if for any reason you or your little one is unhappy with the spice blends we will be happy to refund you within 14 days of receiving the spices (cost is on us). Just email us at and we'll get this arranged. 

Remember though, our aim and mission in creating these spice blends is to get our toddlers and young children excited about new flavours and tastes. So with that in mind, it may take several attempts to get your child to develop a love for the new flavours. So don't give up! 

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