All about the spices

For centuries spices and herbs have been used in cuisines all over the world, not just for their flavour enhancing qualities but also for their medicinal value and health benefits too. Here we explore a few we think are super important for our little ones...
Moss green coloured splash of paint with cartoon outline of coriander leaf superimposed

The deep green colour of coriander contains vitamins A and K (amongst other great nutrients) which are important for bone and eye health.

It is also considered great for the immune system of little tummies.

Brown splash of paint with cumin seeds cartoon drawing superimposed

It's thought that cumin aids digestion in babies as it boosts pancreatic enzyme production, making it a great natural way to help ease colic and gas.

It also contains a huge amount of iron - one teaspoon has just over 10% of a 7-12month old's recommended daily iron intake. 

Ginger coloured splash of paint with whole ginger root cartoon drawing superimposed

A great natural remedy for digestion issues in all ages, ginger can help keep babies' little tums ticking over smoothly.

It may also be one of the best ingredients to keep those coughs and colds away!

Red splash of paint with red bell pepper cartoon drawing superimposed

Paprika has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, and stimulate saliva in the mouth which aids proper digestion. It also contains Vitamins A, E, B6 and Iron. 

Yellow/orange splash of paint with turmeric cartoon drawing superimposed

Meet the indian Super Spice turmeric (haldi - as seen in haldi lattes in coffee shops around the world).

The magic in turmeric comes from curcumin - it has amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it promotes healthy brain development.